Pass Plus & Refresher courses

Congratulations on passing your driving test, now how would you like to increase your driving skills & experience and at the same time complete a course that could reduce the amount that you pay on your car insurance?

The Pass Plus course is for You

This course has 6 modules of which you can do over a time frame that suits you, many people complete it in a single day, You will do the following:

  • Introduction to the course & Town driving.
  • All weather driving.
  • Out of town driving & rural roads.
  • Night driving.
  • Dual Carriageways.
  • Motorways.

On completion of the course you will receive a certificate from the DSA, this you can use to help reduce you car insurance.

How expensive is this Pass Plus course?

The cost of this course is £150.00 however GOOD NEWS working together with the Highland council, you can receive a grant of £100.00 towards the course therefore the cost to yourself would only be £50.00. This course is conducted by ourselves at SafeDrive.

More information about the Pass Plus Scheme can be found at

Refresher lessons

Is there an area of your driving you feel that you may need to improve on, maybe you haven't driven for a while or possible have even passed your test in another country then a refresher course could be just what you need.

We offer refresher courses for any level or period of time that suits all drivers.

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